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On this page you will find a more detailed objective to specific Workshops offered. A-Z Life Skills & Services specialize in a variety of subjects pertaining to the needs of individuals, families, groups and community interests.
We have over 100 workshops and "hands on" exercises designed to enable individuals or groups to become aware of problematic behaviors and teach effective and transferable tools that change destructive or harmful behaviors.
Once you apply your new skills, they're there for life and one can then expect to react differently to uncomfortable situations resulting in feeling  free of mental, physical and emotional burdens
Some workshops such as "Identifying Assumptions" can be used for multiple situations and will have a massive effect on the outcome of ones' life. 
Other exercises like "Goal Setting" will enable those to accomplish not one, but many short and long term goals throughout their lives. Either way, one workshop alone can empower a life but for every additional lesson, balance is achieved, and will create stress-free working conditions,harmonize family environments, and build valuable relationships.
Here are our "Top Ten"  workshops and a little more about them:

Giving and Receiving Feedback

* No more nagging, judging, blaming or belittling. There is an easier and more effective way to get your needs met.
Here, the individual practises the art of describing her feelings appropriately. As a result, change occurs. She then acknowledges that other people will accept her feelings, and secondly, the listener gets a better understanding of what is being said. Thirdly, she releases the control the other person (listener) has on her.

Rating Behaviors in a Group

* Feel comfortable in your surroundings.
In this lesson a person may acknowledge his inadequacies in his character by asking the group to help him identify any behaviors which may be interfering with his relationships or work ethics.
Tough, but a real eye opener! This is where trust is established in a group, conflict is reduced, and gossip subsides.

Fighting Fairly

* A simpler term for Conflict Resolution
People tend to use defense mechanisms during disagreements, or try to attack and hurt the person rather then dealing with the argument. Neither person wins the fight here, and ends up feeling worse then before. This exercise will reduce the feelings of hurt, frustration and anger resulting in fairness, common sense, and a "win/win" outcome.
Walk away from a fight with dignity and respect.

Identifying Assumptions

* Jealous, suspicious, paranoid??
This is a very important step to identfying a problem. Recognize your biases and assumptions!! In what ways can we reduce the influences of our own experiences when judging others and situations?
This life lesson is a definite favourite for those who ignore facts when making a conclusion.
Feel burdened NO MORE! Take a 'load' off with this ENLIGHTENING game changer.

Setting Goals

* "The best way to eat an elephant is... one bite at a time"
Goals are a struggle, but they keep us on track and out of trouble.
Ask yourself, "In what ways am I making progress towards my goal(s) today? What is stopping me from reaching my goals, and how can I overcome this?"
Here, we show the group or individual a systematic approach to accomplishing their goals and dreams whether it's losing weight, quitting smoking, completing a course, etc
Feel victorious with this intense workshop and be the success story others will admire.

Learning Helpful Behaviors in a Group

* Bullying vs. Encouraging
Interrogating, judging, dictating, calculating, and gossiping are just a few of the common behaviors observed in a group. This lesson teaches co-workers, students, and group members to change their negative behavioural patterns into something more beneficial and helpful. Of course, we'll first encourage you to identify what harmful behaviors you are displaying and then show alternative attitudes that help and develop a team like environment not only at work but in social gatherings, school, and just about any place where groups may exist.
This lesson can also be applied to couples, family and within the community.

Come- On(s)

* Protect yourself against sexually aggressive students, clients, friends, and co-workers.
This can also be applied when interacting with those under the supervision of  social workers, teachers, security personelle, and anyone in authoritative positions.
Learn to say "no", without compromising the client/worker relationship.

Escaping the Fear Trap

You've heard the old expression: " The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again...and expecting different results."
What exactly is stopping you from getting from 'point A to point B?' Let's find YOUR U-turn and  by-pass it.
This workshop even assists those having difficulty leaving abusive relationships, can change the attitude of a passive parent, and show you how achieve any goal you desire. 
Find out how to push through your "giving up point"!!

Balanced Self-Determined Behavior

* Are you a taker? Are you a giver?
Whether you're extremely self-determined (selfish), or others-determined (doormat), this lesson enables those to act in their own best interest, to stand up for themselves, and exercise their rights without denying the rights of others.
This workshop is a model for rewarding inter-personal relationships.

Sexuality and Communication

* A must for parents or caregivers concerned about a childs' sexual curiosity, or promiscuity.
This workshop uses a "Yes... Maybe... No... " diagram and includes a discussion to bring awareness and reality to youths' preconceived notions regarding their sexual choices and often prevents sexual STDs, pregnancies and broken esteems.
We recommend this exercise for youths' aged 12 - 17, and includes 'recognizing abusive partners and predators.'

Values Clarifications

* This is an effective exercise for anyone who wants to get to know what makes the other one tick. Conflict is inevitable, but if one understands what the other people in their life value, it can make a world of difference and can promote acceptance, support, and unity.
No more guessing!

Here are some of other exercises we offer:

* Meeting One Another
* Seeing Oneself on Video
* Surveying Life Skills
* Listening to Others
 Describing Feelings
* Relating Feelings
* Expressing Trust in a Group
* Depending on Others
* Giving a Talk
* Relating Behaviors to Roles
* Communicating with Children
* Identifying Strengths in a Family
* Looking One's Best
* Planning and Preparing Low Cost Meals
* Handling Drinking Problems
* Finding out about Drugs
* Telling Children about Sex
* Dealing with a Landlord
* Helping a Child with a School Problem
* Raising a Family Alone
* Managing Money
* Taking Responsibility in the Community
* Handling Changes in my Behavior
* Building Strengths of the Individual
* Dealing with Discrimination
* Interacting with Police


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